Demonstrators to protest at Oregon Zoo

Demonstrators to protest at Oregon Zoo

Animal-rights protesters plan to demonstrate outside the Oregon Zoo in a "Day of Action for Elephants."

In Defense of Animals, a California-based group with a Portland office, is organizing the event and urging the zoo to end its contract with Have Trunk Will Travel, the private elephant business that sent Tusko, a 40-year-old Asian elephant bull, to Portland on a breeding loan in 2005. He fathered Samudra in 2008 and Lily, the 2-week-old calf that goes on exhibit for the first time Friday.

The contract states that Have Trunk will own the second, fourth and sixth offspring Tusko sires at the zoo. However, zoo administrators have repeatedly said that ownership and where the calves will live are not the same thing. Kim Smith, zoo director, says Lily isn't going anywhere, and that she'll live out her years at the zoo.


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