Eugene considers new fees

Eugene considers new fees

The Eugene City Council is exploring flat fees for city residents to help with a $6 million general budget hole for the fiscal year beginning next summer.

One proposal is a new “city service” fee of up to $10 a month charged to residents. The other involves shifting the cost of parks maintenance from the general fund to the stormwater fund and tacking on a new flat but unspecified fee to every utility bill to help pay for parks upkeep.

City Manager Jon Ruiz said he wanted to see whether the council might support, in concept, raising new revenues to prevent further cuts to city services.

Read more at The Register-Guard.

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0 #1 Eugene 'Fees'Guest 2012-12-11 19:08:10
What the Eugene Fees article doesn't seem to provide is the REASON for the FEES. The reason is average worker cost OVER $100,00. The logic is don't outsource functions the city doesn't run well, almost everything, raise taxes. It doesn't make any difference what it is called the solution is 'raise taxes'. I wonder why this state is always behind in economic activity.
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