Eugene printer comes back

Eugene printer comes back

The Koke family, behind the 100-year old Eugene printing company that bore their name, is attempting a comeback.

The family is expanding their new flagship, QSL Print Communications, and acquiring two businesses.

In 2007, Doug Koke was the last member of the family to leave Koke Printing, the company founded by his grandfather, Joseph, in Eugene in 1907. Richard Pierce, another local printer, bought a majority interest in the firm almost 80 years later.

After working at Koke Printing for 36 years, Doug Koke left to buy QSL, a small competitor with approximately $2 million in annual sales.

A year later, Koke Printing closed its doors, the result of financial difficulties that were revealed to largely stem from the embezzlement of around $1.5 million by a company bookkeeper.

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