Oregon Camera closes after 47 years

Oregon Camera closes after 47 years

Corvallis-based Oregon Camera is shutting down after 47 years in business.

Part of the problem, [owner Rich] Danler believes, is a general lack of disposable income caused by the lingering recession. But he’s convinced the downward spiral has been greatly accelerated by “showrooming,” the growing phenomenon of consumers who treat brick-and-mortar shops like his as places to gather valuable product information before buying elsewhere for the sake of saving a few bucks.

A variety of smartphone apps allow shoppers to make instant price comparisons, sometimes while they’re still in the store. Danler has tried to keep his prices low, but with the cost of overhead such as space rent and salary for a knowledgeable staff, he can’t compete with national discount chains such as Walmart or big online retailers such as Amazon.

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