Trail Blazers COO resigns

Trail Blazers COO resigns

Trail Blazers chief operating officer Sarah Mensah has resigned.

Mensah, one of the longest tenured Blazers executives and one of the highest ranking women in professional sports, had been a part of the organization for 19 years. She started out as an entry-level employee in the sales department and worked her way up the franchise with years of passion and sweat, making a stop at all levels on the way to becoming COO.

"I've almost been with the organization for 20 years and I've worked at every level," Mensah said. "The next opportunity for me was the president job. It's not a secret that I was interested in it. When that didn't materialize, you have to keep growing, you have to keep learning. When you're not in a position to do that, you have to get in a position where you have the chance to do that."


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