Eugene manufacturer to produce solar water heaters

Eugene manufacturer to produce solar water heaters

After four years, Eugene energy entrepreneur Peter Greenberg is ready to produce low-cost solar water heaters to go on roofs of local homes.

This is a diversification for Greenberg, who expects $10 million in sales this year from his other business ventures, which include the sale of energy-efficient lighting for factories and government buildings globally and photovoltaic arrays on schoolhouse roofs in Oregon.

But Greenberg understands the boom and bust in an industry dependent on the fluctuating whims — and incentives — of government. Decades ago, he watched his business and a whole renewables industry crumble after an abrupt change of federal policy.

This time, he’s pinning his hopes on a federal tax credit that’s meant to encourage residential use of solar energy — including to heat water — with the knowledge that the credit is scheduled to expire in 2016 and that Congress may not renew it.

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