Reactions mixed to Eugene bag ban

Reactions mixed to Eugene bag ban

The Eugene City Council's decision to ban plastic bags received a mixed reception from local consumers.

Some shoppers interviewed Tuesday outside the busy Eugene WinCo grocery store said that a weak economy is no time to do away with plastic bags and force people to pay a nickel per bag for paper bags if they forget to bring their own.

But other shoppers said it was about time something was done to rid the city of the unsightly plastic sacks that can end up polluting the environment.

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0 #1 Reactions mixed to Eugene bag banGuest 2012-10-24 19:37:37
I don't mind the ban on plastic bags. However, the Eugene City Council has severely overstepped its authority by requiring stores to charge for paper bags. They do not have the authority to tell a private business to charge or not charge for anything. It should be up to each individual business to decide if they want to charge for paper bags or not. This ordinance is just another example of our Liberal City Council thinking they know what is best (just like the LTD EmX project) when they truly don't have a clue.
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