Conscious Commuter in Lexus design challenge

Conscious Commuter in Lexus design challenge

Portland-based Conscious Commuter's fold-up electric bike is a finalist in a Lexus design challenge.

The Lexus Ignition campaign is pitting startup against startup and asking Web users to select which design the car company will help fund. The project is focused on companies with a "stunning products that embody the blend of technology and style."

Portland-based Conscious Commuter, which raised just over $25,000 on the website Kickstarter last year to launch its design, is being matched against spnKiX, a Los Angeles company that's gotten tons of attention for its motorized electric skates — they've been called the "smallest electric vehicle." SpnKiX is now introducing a standup electric scooter, which is featured in the Lexus Ignition bout.

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