Iberdrola hopes to double emissions

Iberdrola hopes to double emissions

Iberdrola Renewables is looking to double the amount of emissions allowed at its planned Lakeview biomass plant.

The change comes as a supplier said its equipment doesn't work as well to filter emissions as originally guaranteed.

The project is still aiming to reduce total emissions in the town by combining with the Collins Pine Company to replace a wood-fired boiler at the sawmill with an updated version that produces steam that generates electricity.

But original plans called for lowering allowable limits on particulate matter — of real concern in Lakeview — by 66 percent. Now those limits will be only slightly lower than in the past, and they’re higher than what the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality would typically allow at a single facility today.

For the last 10 to 15 years, Lakeview’s air quality has been under scrutiny because it exceeds federal limits for some sizes of particulate matter — small particles and droplets comprised of dust and soil, metals, acids and organic chemicals. Programs to curb the pollution, which has been attributed to residential woodburning and emissions from the sawmill, have controlled but not eliminated the issue.

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