Longshoremen stage Port slowdown

Longshoremen stage Port slowdown

Longshoremen started another slowdown at the Port of Portland, according to ICTSI Oregon, which operates the yard.

Members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union worked at a "fairly normal pace" Saturday morning, loading and unloading a Hanjin Shipping vessel at Terminal 6 in North Portland, said Elvis Ganda, ICTSI Oregon chief executive.

"However the night shift was back to its usual slowdown tactics," Ganda said, "and we were seeing production at about 36 percent less than the dayside production."

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+1 #1 RE: Longshoremen stage Port slowdownGuest 2012-10-03 04:37:01
The longshoreman have been lying about their impact on the health & fitness of society. They have brought distructive litigation against the Port and broadly appear to be an adverse presence. An inhibtor that need to be over. I was neutral on unions before this Port of Portland and incidents in Longview WA.
Then with the emphasis on exports Unions prevent our businesses from being the lean, agile entities that is needed to succeed internationally . The union does not match or meet our needs. Scott
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