Shepherds Flat wind farm up and running

Shepherds Flat wind farm up and running

Shepherds Flat, the $2 billion wind farm that ranks among the world's largest, is now up and running in northeastern Oregon.

New York-based Caithness Energy said the 845-megawatt project stretching across the northern reaches of Gilliam and Morrow counties, has commenced producing power, drawing kudos from Gov. John Kithzaber and Oregon's congressional delegation.

"The completion of Caithness Shepherds Flat is an excellent example of how Oregon can attract significant investments in the building blocks of the future economy, showcasing our state as a key player in new economic growth and resilience," Kitzhaber said in a news release.

Caithness said it employed more than 400 workers during construction and the wind farm will maintain a full-time staff of 45 workers.

Read more at Sustainable Business Oregon.

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0 #1 Interesting investmentGuest 2012-09-24 21:09:18
Looking at the full time jobs created with this $2 Billion investment makes one ponder the effectiveness of the project. I think it works out to about 89 million per full time job. If we take into account all the jobs mentioned, that's still about 4.5 million per job. I know the long term benefits are going to be much greater, unless the wind slows down, or they are forced to close down because of too much supply and not enough demand. Of course if that does occur, Uncle Ted will fork over some more tax dollars to offset their losses probably. I hope this really does work in the long term.
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