Crook County lacks jail space

Crook County lacks jail space

Due to lack of funding, the Crook County Jail currently has a waiting list of 85, and 417 were matrixed out of the system through August 2012.

The Crook County Jail matrix system is used when there are not enough jail beds available, and the staff at the jail must use specific criteria to determine which inmates will be released, and in what order. It goes without saying that a waiting list for the Crook County jail is not good for the community, but the trickle-down effects of the issue are more long-reaching.

In the matrix system, the offender is scored on their criminal history and the seriousness of their crime, among other criteria. According to Jail Commander for Crook County Jail Al Bond, there is a matrix sheet used to determine the risk of releasing the inmate, and the highest positive numbers are released first when there is a waiting list to serve time. In 2005, Crook County matrixed 23 inmates, in 2006 there were 42 matrixed, and in 2007, there were 101. In 2010, the numbers skyrocketed to 738. Last year, in 2011, there were 745 matrixed. The figures for 2012 through August are 417, according to Bond.

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