Knight gift boosts OHSU

Knight gift boosts OHSU

A $125 million gift from Nike cofounder Phil Knight and his wife, Penny, could launch Oregon Health & Science University into the country's top cardiovascular research centers.

The OHSU Cardiovascular Institute is not a building, but a plan to bring together surgeons, scientists and industry to break new ground in cardiovascular health.

Much like the Knight donation to OHSU did for cancer research four year ago, leaders hope the money will lead to revolutionary molecular-level advances in protecting against strokes, clogged arteries and high blood pressure.

The gift is the largest in OHSU's history, said university president Joe Robertson. Though details are still to be worked out, the $125 million will be used to lure big-name scientific talent, increase the number of clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals and devices, and lure additional corporate and government funding needed to push scientific discoveries from the laboratory into real-world uses.


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0 #1 RE: Knight gift boosts OHSUGuest 2012-09-18 20:32:43
Another point of view. Might it be just as beneficial toOregon if Nike had chosen to keep their manufacturing jobs stateside instead of exploiting cheap labor markets abroad? Seems to be a lot of kudos flowing to reward anti American interests!
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