OSU gets $2M to study biofuel algae

OSU gets $2M to study biofuel algae

Oregon State University scientists landed a $2 million grant to study algae with the potential to make biofuel.

The National Science Federation awarded the four-year grant to study the concept of "photosynthetic biorefinery" which puts the microscopic algae, called diatoms, to work. The grant, announced Monday, is through a program to support long-range concepts for a sustainable future.

"We have shown how diatoms can be used to produce semiconductor materials, chitin fibers for biomedical applications, or the lipids needed to make biofuels," said Greg Rorrer, an OSU professor and head of the School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering. "We believe that we can produce all of these products in one facility at the same time and move easily from one product to the other."

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