Post office stays open by catering to brides

Post office stays open by catering to brides

The Bridal Veil post office stays open by issuing postmarks for wedding invitations.

[Postmaster Geri] Canzler conservatively estimates she postmarks over 100,000 wedding invitations a year. She says nearly 75 percent are brought or sent to her post office with postage already on the envelope just to get the "Invitation Station" or "Marriage Station," Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010 hand-cancelled postmark added. The time-consuming work is free for the first 50 and a nickel for each additional envelope. Most wedding invitations include an RSVP envelope which also has the stamped enclosed envelope.

The post office has two unique hand-crafted wedding images, both popular. One includes two doves, the other two encircled hearts. This post office is listed in the top ten "wedding" post office names in America, ranking among places such as Bliss, N.Y.; Lovely, Ky; and Kissimimee, Fla. – each with a unique zip code and a hand-cancelled postmarks.


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