South Korean market helps Oregon blueberries

South Korean market helps Oregon blueberries

Despite a 40.5% tariff, Oregon blueberry growers and packers have embraced the newly opened South Korean market.

With about a month to go in the 2012 fresh blueberry season, exports of Oregon blueberries to South Korea are nearing the industry's first year goal of 500,000 pounds.

Oregon is the only state in the U.S. cleared to ship fresh blueberries to Korea.

Through Sept. 4, Oregon's 2012 fresh blueberry exports to South Korea stood at 461,178 pounds. That ranks the country second only to Japan's total of 889,751 pounds, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and well above the other top Asian market, Taiwan, which had imported 259,473 pounds of Oregon blueberries.

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