Oregon Legislature may ease hair braiding law

Oregon Legislature may ease hair braiding law

A group of Portland-area lawmakers are sponsoring the Natural Hair act in the next Legislature session to ease hair braiding licensing regulations.

Traditional African braiding -- the art of weaving hair into tight snakelike rows, often with extensions or beads -- has become a common battle ground in the war over occupational licensing. Braiding is a skill many women of color learn as children and offers easy entry into the business world because so few tools are required. Braiders don't use chemicals, heat or scissors.

Yet many states require braiders to earn a cosmetology license. In Oregon, that means spending up to 1,700 hours in beauty school, where tuition can run anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.

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Hopefully the Legislature will repeal the authorization that allows our Police agencies to conduct Traffic Accident Investigations based on a need to collect data on use of Safety Restraints.
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