Rudy Crew angered by low aspirations

Rudy Crew angered by low aspirations

Oregon's chief education officer Rudy Crew says many of the state's school boards and superintendents are aiming too low on their first yearly "achievement compacts."

An analysis by The Oregonian, based on a detailed review of compacts submitted by 25 of the state's largest districts, found that most aim to increase their third-grade reading scores, freshmen success rates, graduation rates and college-going patterns by 1 percentage point a year. Another large segment said they aim for mostly flat results next year. A few say they aim to do worse.

Crew said he saw the same pattern in a cursory review of nearly all 197 districts' official goals, which districts were required to submit this summer. He called plans for stagnant or declining outcomes "unacceptable" and said he plans to require many school boards to aim higher.


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