Oregon liquor sales outpace rest of economy

Oregon liquor sales outpace rest of economy

Despite the current economy, Oregon liquor profits are up 9%.

"We have been steadily going up," said OLCC spokeswoman Christie Scott. During the height of the recession, buyers went for the cheaper products, she said. "What we're seeing is, people are starting to buy more expensive products again."

The agency released figures that showed total revenue of $487.4 million from July 2011 through June 2012, the state fiscal year. After expenses, the agency had $194 million to distribute to state, county and city programs, an increase of $16 million over the previous year.

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+1 #1 Oregon Liquor Profits UpGuest 2012-08-03 18:14:42
Does anyone at OLCC do the Math, especially as it applies to Where the profits are coming from? My guess is that the only reason for the uptick would be Washington buyers buying their Liquor in Oregon. Case-in-point, with the 26% tax on liquor at a Washington Private Liquor Store, a Big Bottle of Markers Mark, which costs about $55.00 in Oregon and which used to cost $62.00 in Washington, was recently priced at $98.00 in a liquor store in Sammamish, WA. Now you know why Oregon profits are up....
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