Lawyer blasts bankrupt HemCon

Lawyer blasts bankrupt HemCon

Portland lawyer Jody Stahancyk bought nearly 30% of the first round of shares HemCon Medical Technologies, and is furious about the way the company's bankruptcy was handled.

For all its early promise, the company in bankruptcy showed assets of just $7 million and debts of $62 million.

In her letter, Stahancyk (who represented [co-founder Dr. Kenton] Gregory in a 1995 divorce) accused founders of failing to exercise control over HemCon.

“You each deserve a special place in hell for not facing the shareholders who invested in you,” Stahancyk, 64, wrote to HemCon’s board members and founders on July 5. “When the patient [HemCon] died, each of you Board Members should have signed the letter and made personal calls to shareholders. Your failure to be personally accountable speaks volumes of each of your lack of personal character.”

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