Lane County RV industry reinvents itself

Lane County RV industry reinvents itself

Once Lane County's second largest industry, the RV industry is reinventing itself.

Some of the people who once made their living working for, or selling things to, the RV manufacturers took their knowledge of the RV industry and found new ways to use it. Some have started companies to sell, refurbish and repair high-end used coaches. Others have created textiles and cabinets for people wanting to remodel their RVs. And others are using the skills they learned in the RV industry to branch out into other consumer products.

A number of these new companies continue to benefit from the reputation Junction City built as a center of RV manufacturing. They profits from clients who once bought their RVs here, and who return to the area to have work done on their RV or for rallies — such as last week’s sold-out Country Coach Friendship Rally in Harrisburg, attended by about 170 RVers.

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