WSI expands in Portland, Corvallis

WSI expands in Portland, Corvallis

Watershed Sciences Inc. has grown to 126 employees thanks to demand for its light detection and ranging technology.

WSI's accelerated growth in recent years can be traced to a decision by co-CEOs Russell Faux and Matthew Boyd to embrace the emerging commercial possibilities of LiDAR several years back. They did this knowing results would not be immediate and would likely take the company outside its initial focus.

"Some people might be unnerved growing rapidly," says Faux, 46, who works out of the company's Corvallis office. "Because you want to keep things sustainable. But we are always thinking about the things that separate us from our competitors, retaining our quality and client relations as opposed to being scared of growth. We are being cautious. We're hiring only when the work we have supports it."


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