Petitioners sue over invalidated marijuana signatures

Petitioners sue over invalidated marijuana signatures

A lawsuit was filed alleging that Secretary of State Kate Brown improperly invalidated signatures on a proposed ballot measure to legalize marijuana.

Robert Wolfe, the chief petitioner for the marijuana initiative, charged that Brown's actions unfairly denied his initiative a spot on the November ballot despite his turning in 170,000 signatures -- far more than the 116, 284 valid signatures required.

The lawsuit could result in the first major legal test of the state government's handling of ballot measures since Brown put tougher regulations on paid petition gathering after taking office in 2009.


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0 #1 Marijuana YepGuest 2012-07-12 21:32:47
Go figure. Another government " do what they want to " ... If it is something they don't approve of it goes away. If it is something they want they just do it.....
We do not count anymore. Look at what the feds do.....I hope the state gets sued big time. It is time for the people to take back there rights........I f environmentalis ts can sue, over stupid things. Then we can sue over something important.
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