Labor arbitrator tells longshoremen to speed up

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

A labor arbitrator told longshoremen at the Port of Portland to quit slowing down, a day after a federal judge ordered the same thing.

Longshore union members working on a ship in port moved containers at far less than normal speed, the Port official said, despite U.S. District Judge Michael Simon's ruling Tuesday ordering them to halt an illegal slowdown.

The instant arbitration, the latest of several, shows that problems continue at the Port, where a dispute between unions over a couple of jobs has produced mile-long truck lines and backed up millions of dollars worth of cargo across the Northwest and beyond. The extra costs probably will result in higher prices for consumers.


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0 #1 One more reminderGuest 2012-07-05 21:51:46
Once again a legitimate job creator is being hampered by union shenanigans. How long will it take for Oregonians to realize that unions don't create jobs - business people do. We live in the real world of competition and innovation so we can deliver a better product to our customers. Unions don't live in that world and so have never understood what it means to all of us who do. Time for unions to go away and let competitive forces take over that will deliver real innovation to Oregon industry.
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