Timber payments won't mean rehiring deputies

Timber payments won't mean rehiring deputies

One more year of federal payments to timber counties doesn't mean that the rural counties will be able to rehire sheriff's deputies and others that have already been laid off.

With many counties having tapped reserve funds to ease the pain of budget cuts, much of the $100 million coming to Oregon will go toward staving off even deeper cuts during the next go-round on county budgets.

Lane County just went through $99 million in budget cuts, which among other things forced the early release this week of nearly 100 inmates from the jail. Budget director Christine Moody said the county expects to receive about $10 million, of which $3.5 million will go to the general fund, where the sheriff's patrols, jail, district attorney and other public safety services get their money. The rest goes to maintaining roads. Services financed by the general fund saw cuts of $14.9 million.

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