Oregon's health-care fate

Oregon's health-care fate

Oregon is one of the few states aggressively pushing to implement health reforms that fit with the federal Affordable Care Act. What will happen if the Supreme Court overturns part or all of the 2010 law?

As we recently reported, Oregon is one of the 13 states that have taken concrete steps to establish a health insurance exchange, a regulated online marketplace for residents to comparison shop for coverage. Oregon has secured more than $64 million in federal funding for the insurance exchange.

Oregon is trying to drive down costs and improve quality with "coordinated care organizations." These groups of doctors, hospitals and other caregivers will be responsible for coordinating all mental, physical and dental care for people covered by Medicaid, the government program for the disabled and poor. Oregon is relying on a huge infusion of federal dollars to expand Medicaid coverage to tens of thousands of uninsured residents.

Read more in today's Oregonian.


0 #1 General Political ActivistGuest 2012-06-27 19:24:07
As someone who has formerly worked for a local health insurance company here in Portland, I was very proud of empowering patients to access their medical benefits. I am looking forward to Thursday, but what I am actually most worried about, is the fact that everywhere in the US, there is a severe shortage of qualified medical staff, doctors, nurses, and caregivers. No policy can mitigate this fact, and something needs to be done NOW.
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