Turnover spikes at the zoo

Turnover spikes at the zoo

Morale at the "happisest place in Portland" has fallen  in the wake of stricter management, fiscal policies and operations.

From January 2010 through June 6 of this year, 41 regular-status employees from a total of about 157 parted company with the zoo. That's nearly twice as many as left the Oregon Convention Center, which has 184 regular-status employees and, like the zoo, is operated by Metro.

At the zoo, 17 staff members resigned; eight retired, weren't medically able to work, or died; and 16 were terminated. By comparison, 22 people left the convention center, seven of whom were terminated.

Read more in today's Oregonian.


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Transition zoo into a natural reserve, because the zoo model is outdated already. This change, would be more animal humane, btw.
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