Labor shortage gets worse

Labor shortage gets worse

Oregon cherry growers are experiencing labor shortages, along with farmers across the country.

"It started last year, and it has become very apparent this year. There are not enough hands to pick our crops," [cherry grower Mike Omeg] said.

[Frank Gasperini, executive vice president of the National Council for Agricultural Employers] said several factors are contributing to the farm labor shortage, including that Congress refuses to tackle comprehensive labor reform and that states are adopting a patchwork of immigration legislation.

Also, Gasperini said, fewer Latinos are attempting to cross the border to the U.S. due to an improved economy in Mexico, coupled with tightened border security.

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0 #1 RE: Labor shortage gets worseLocalfella 2012-06-12 18:35:55
The Mexicans we allowed in to pick crops several years ago have now take better jobs. We need to allow our students to again earn school money by working in the fields as I and others did years ago.
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