EcoTeas wins packaging award

EcoTeas wins packaging award

Ashland-based EcoTeas converted to waste-free packaging for its products, earning the 2012 Responsible Packaging Awards from the Responsible Packaging Project.

EcoTeas ships 300,000 tea bags monthly — 3.6 million annually — to retailers and online customers. It's the top-selling yerba mate nationwide, and it's also the No. 1 fair trade tea.

EcoTeas' crew gradually increased recycled content into its packaging until it reached 100 percent post-consumer material.

"Then we switched to a material that didn't even exist when we started," [co-owner Joseph] Chermesino said. "Basically, it's an all-natural cellophane made from trees called biofilm and it's totally compostable. I put it in my compost pile with other scraps and the chickens peck away at it; in a few weeks it disappears."

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