Affordable housing group expands to Hillsboro

Affordable housing group expands to Hillsboro

Two Hillsboro apartment buildings for fixed-income seniors completed $1.4 million in refurbishments.

The Maples Apartments in Hillsboro are home to 51 senior citizens. They never closed, but Portland-based REACH Community Development officials thanked the residents for putting up with six to eight months of construction. REACH took over the complex about 18 months ago from Community Housing Inc.

REACH has 30 years of experience working in affordable housing. Most areas where they work, seniors are particularly vulnerable to finding housing. Haynes cited a Washington County data saying 54 percent of seniors in the county having some sort of housing issue. Beyond the fixed-income population, Haynes said there's another cross-section who has income but not enough to find housing at a rent that they can afford.

The Maples Apartment complex is the first major foray into the county for REACH. Haynes said while the organization primarily operates in Portland, Washington County "is in our sights."


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