Price major factor in Washington liquor privatization

Price major factor in Washington liquor privatization

Oregon liquor officials say privatized liquor sales in Washington could bring some buyers to Oregon due to new high prices.

By some accounts, the prices shopper pay at the till for vodka, whiskey and other "spirits" -- whether they're at Fred Meyer, Costco or the corner liquor outlet -- could jump far higher than Washington residents are used to paying because of additional taxes and markups. If that happens, it could cause a run across the border to Oregon's state-run stores, said Oregon Liquor Control Commission spokeswoman Christie Scott.

"They can come over and legally buy two liters" to bring home with them, Scott said. "If prices are going to be as high as everyone said they're going to be, then we do expect people to come over to Oregon, for not only the selection but also better prices."


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