Wyden challenges natural gas exports

Wyden challenges natural gas exports

Sen. Ron Wyden says America should slow down on exporting its newfound oil and gas bounty.

Wyden, D-Ore., sees recent finds from shale formations in the United States and Canada as lowering energy prices and providing a huge competitive advantage for domestic industries.

By some counts, U.S. natural gas production has grown at least 20 percent during the past five years with the potential to go much higher.

“Why trade that away?” the four-term senator said in an interview in his Capitol Hill office.

Read more at The Statesman Journal.

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0 #1 DuhhhhhhJohn 2012-05-29 19:41:27
Now I know he is a genius. I wonder how he was able to determine this earth shattering news. Maybe he can get another term and figure out something else so complicated.
Give me break. My 12 year old granddaughter knows we should "slow down" our exportation of oil and gas.
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Scott Schroeder
0 #2 President/CEOScott Schroeder 2012-05-29 19:48:46
Federal regulations (http://1.usa.gov/LCwmqB) prohibit the exportation of unprocessed timber from federal grounds. Seems to me that the same principle could apply to oil and gas products originating from U.S. soil.
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