Protesters oppose coal transport plan

Protesters oppose coal transport plan

Protesters gathered at the Department of State Lands to rally against proposed coal exports in Oregon.

Coal companies have proposed six sites in Oregon and Washington to build coal export terminals. If approved, Oregonians could see a massive increase in the number of coal trains that pass through the Columbia River gorge. A separate proposal would increase coal barge traffic.
Participants expressed concerns with air and water pollution, health repercussions, agriculture contamination, threats to wildlife and recreation, increased congestion and delayed emergency response.

Read more at The Statesman Journal.

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Jeffrey Anderson
0 #1 ChineseJeffrey Anderson 2012-04-10 13:03:39
The Chinese need coal to build our TVs and stuff and we Americans are trying to go away from coal. Win win.
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coal reports
0 #2 coal reportscoal reports 2012-04-12 03:04:13
Coal Reports shows that there are many companies answers to the call of a cleaner coal to help the environment preserve it's purity and as well as the coal industries longevity. Both must work hand in hand to see the sky rocket success in the coal mining and green house effect. Cherry of
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