Jantzen Beach plans major restoration

Jantzen Beach plans major restoration

Jantzen Beach Center's owners plan a $50 million remodel, bringing 30 new stores and 500 retail jobs.

They even plan to restore the 91-year-old merry-go-round.

Target is moving across the parking lot from where its stood at Jantzen Beach Center with plans to unveil a larger concept store with groceries, similar to its location at Northeast Portland's Cascade Station mall.
Edens, the Columbia, S.C.-based developer and mall owner, plans a massive overhaul that will reorient the mall from a shadowy-halled, inward facing center to a 100,000-square-foot, U-shaped design where shoppers will enter stores from the outside. The mall will be anchored by the existing Burlington Coat Factory, as well three other large spaces being carved from the existing mall -- two around 25,000 square feet and another at 12,000. Twenty-five smaller stores will be sprinkled in between the larger anchors.

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