Post office closure plan unpopular in Congress

Post office closure plan unpopular in Congress

Many in Congress oppose the plan to close 20 post offices in rural Oregon.

“They have absolutely no economic analysis. It’s just about their budget, not about what’s smart for the economy,” said Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., noting like other critics that rural communities would be especially hard hit and that having a local post office is essential for a healthy local economy.

Postal officials concede there are no easy choices. But, they say, survival is at stake.


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Martha  Perez
0 #1 Post office, saving resources for workers' sakeMartha Perez 2012-03-27 11:17:50
I liked the idea of converting part of the post office transportation fleet, into a bicycle delivery system (the new version of a pony express) that could have saved a lot of money, and use those resources towards worker salaries, instead of paying the increasing energy costs, which plays its role in all of this. Would this idea (and similar ideas) have been sufficient to keep post offices from closing down? Who knows? Was anybody paying any attention?...
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