Post office closures could impact Oregon elections

Post office closures could impact Oregon elections

Changes in the postal service could affect Oregon and other states that utilize vote-by-mail.

Oregon is the only state that does all it's balloting by mail, but states where absentee ballots are mailed-in also have concerns, especially with the general election. Some congressmen are calling for delays in changes until after the November election. Local county clerks say they're not sure what impact reduced service and increased rates will have.
"If they were to limit their days of delivery to 3 days a week or something other than what they do now, that would all affect the timing for vote-by-mail," says Josephine County Clerk Art Harvey.

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Don McDaniel
0 #1 Vote By Mail with Reduced Postal Delivery ServicesDon McDaniel 2012-03-06 11:39:09
Let's just go back to personally voting at our local precinct polling location.
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