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Environmental groups target Coos Bay terminal

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Environmental groups are appealing a state dredging permit to try to stop a coal and LNG terminal in the Port of Coos Bay.

The appeal was filed with the state Department of State Lands, which last month gave the Port of Coos Bay a permit for dredging to build two ship berths on the North Spit.
Jan Hasselman of the environmental law firm Earthjustice in Seattle said the state did not adequately consider the dredging’s ultimate effects on protected aquatic resources.
“Our chief concern in this appeal is the dredging operation will support a coal export terminal and an LNG import or export terminal,” Hasselman said. “None of that is disclosed or discussed in the permit.”

Read more at The Register-Guard.

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Who Cares
0 #1 Environmental Groups go awayWho Cares 2012-01-19 11:53:51
Time to shut down all the environmental groups. They are destroying the world economy. Must be part of our quality government we now have..
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0 #2 Your "Concern" is NOT DeterminativeLisa 2012-01-19 12:06:12
Typical environmentalis t-speak...we are "CONCERNED" blah blah blah. No evidence is necessary because only feelings matter right? Perhaps the potential for a coal export terminal or LNG was not disclosed because it is not going to happen?

Anyone who's been to Coos Bay in the past decade has watched the slow decline of one of the great deepwater ports in this state. One more nail in the coffin because after all the "CONCERNS" of someone in Seattle is far more important than the residents being able to work and take care of their families.
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