Lake Oswego crunched to redevelop Foothills

Lake Oswego crunched to redevelop Foothills

After shelving plans for a streetcar to Portland, Lake Oswego only has 60 days to come up with another plan to redevelop its Foothills district.

Lake Oswego and Williams, Dame & White officials will enter a re-evaluation period this week to come up with an alternative transit connection to anchor the proposed mixed-use area for housing, retail and office space. The plan took a huge blow last week when the Lake Oswego City Council shifted against the streetcar, expected to foster economic development in the district. The project is now indefinitely on hold. 
“We’re still trying to understand the implications of not having such a major transit connection into Foothills,” said Matt Brown, a development manager for Williams, Dame & White. “But throwing streetcar out the window will likely decrease some of the goals the city had for the area.”


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0 #1 Shelve high rise Foothill District jungleStop Public Waste Inc 2012-01-19 19:52:57
After shelving plans for the streetcar from Lake Oswego to Portland, it is time to shelve the proposed high rise Foothill District.
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