OLCC proposing rule changes

OLCC proposing rule changes

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is proposing two major rule changes for the way alcohol is sold in the state.

One would allow far more liquor stores to become "non-exclusive," meaning they would be allowed to expand into beer and wine sales. 
The other, which could have even broader consequences, would allow corporations to become liquor agents. The idea is to make it easier for big grocery chains, such as Safeway or Fred Meyer, to open "store within a store" liquor outlets. Buy the cantaloupe in the produce section, then head over to a separate area for the vodka or gin to make fruity martinis. 
"We're trying to achieve a couple of things," says Merle Lindsey, OLCC deputy director. "We want larger stores. We want consumers to have more products to choose from. We want a great customer experience."

Read more at OregonLive.com.

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Jon D. Moulton
0 #1 OLCC and Chinese liquorJon D. Moulton 2011-12-16 11:47:26
It's unfortunate that OLCC strictly controls the kinds of liquors imported into Oregon. The Chinese bai jui, the traditional liquor of a fifth of the world's population, is excluded by OLCC.
I hope, but doubt, that these rule changes will involve OLCC loosening their grip.
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