Adidas introduces fitness wrist device

Adidas introduces fitness wrist device

The company's fitness wristband — FIT SMART — has a built-in heart rate monitor.

"It's one thing to know how you're exercising," said Paul Gaudio, general manager of digital sports at Adidas, "it's another thing to know how your heart responds to that exercising."

FIT SMART stores up to 10 hours of workout data and syncs with the miCoach platform using Bluetooth on the user's mobile phone. The app offers training advice as well as helping set training goals based on performance.

The FIT SMART will retail for $199. By contrast, on Amazon, the Nike+ Fuel Band ranges from $83 to $299.99; Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband is $99.95; and the UP Jawbone ranged from $77.50 to $137.22.