Oregon landlords can no longer advertise 'No Section 8'

Oregon landlords can no longer advertise 'No Section 8'

Landlords are no longer allowed to turn away prospective tenants because they receive rent subsidies from the federal Section 8 program.

"They definitely should not be allowed to do that," said Jared Mason-Gere, a spokesman for House Speaker Tina Kotek, who sponsored the anti-discrimination legislation.

Last year, Kotek, D-North Portland, pushed through a bill that prevents landlords from discriminating against renters simply because they use a Section 8 voucher to pay for a unit. The law took effect Tuesday.

Kotek pushed for changes hoping more low-income renters would have a better selection of housing options. Section 8 recipients generally pay about 30 percent of their income toward housing, with the voucher covering the rest. But it's up to the voucher-holder to find a landlord willing to participate in the program.

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