Trader Joe's will not reconsider Northeast Portland store

Trader Joe's will not reconsider Northeast Portland store

Despite Mayor Charlie Hales' repeated attempts to build the grocery store on a city-owned lot, Trader Joe's officials denied the proposal.

"I told them it was a shame because that section of Portland is vibrant and on the rise," Hales said in the press release. "We’re confident that another, similar project will happen there, and I’m dedicated to making that happen." 

Hales reiterated that he believes a grocery store is the right project for the property.

Trader Joe's abruptly withdrew plans for a store at the lot, owned by the Portland Development Commission, in early February. The company cited "negative reactions" from the community as its rationale for backing away from a proposed $8 million development.



0 #1 Shooting Yourself in the FootGuest 2014-04-23 22:04:39
I remember this disgraceful episode making national news. Yet again Portland spurns jobs, healthy and well priced food because TJs doesn't kowtow to the "demands" of the neighborhood as to what THEY wanted done with the property which apparently didn't include luring white people into area to buy Jojos at TJs. I do not blame TJ's for telling Chuck to take a hike and I hope the loudmouths in NE have realized that their ideology has trumped common sense.
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