Bigfoot Beverages to pay for 'pouring rights' at UO

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The local Pepsi distributor will pay nearly $5 million in cash to be the University of Oregon's dominant drink supplier for the next eight years.

The new contract between the university and local Pepsi distributor Bigfoot Beverages, which is expected to be finalized soon, will boost Pepsi’s presence on campus and give the boot to some other locally bottled drinks.

Following the trend set by other major universities, the UO is seeing how much it can get in payments and other benefits from a beverage distributor in exchange for “pouring rights” on campus. Under the new UO contract, pouring rights include 100 percent of campus soda fountain sales; 100 percent of drink and snack sales at 130 vending machines around campus; and 80 percent of cooler space at the university bookstore — the Duck Store — and about six other spots on campus, such as the Grab ’n’ Go Market in Hamilton Commons and Dux Bistro in the Living Learning Center.

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