Plan to open Willamette Falls to the public moves forward

Plan to open Willamette Falls to the public moves forward

Four million dollars is needed to fund the design phase of the public vantage point at the falls.

Construction may cost $30 million, according to a preliminary estimate.

Developing the public portion of the former Blue Heron paper mill is no easy task and, financing aside, there are many unknowns -- such as who will end up owning the 23-acre site.

Clackamas County Commissioner Tootie Smith pushed for a detailed accounting of how the $4 million would be spent.

"I'd like to see a budget to see specifically where it's going to be spent," Smith said. "I have trouble asking anybody for that kind of money" without such information, she said.



0 #1 $4 millionGuest 2014-04-08 17:49:17
As an Oregon City Resident, conservative and fiscally frugal. I still would be willing to pay a tax for Oregon City to develop this site. If $4 million is a problem (do we have multiple bids from designers to choose the best $$$) I can't imagine the balance of $30 million ever happening.. Let's not have another Cabelas situation here in Oregon City please!
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