Cover Oregon not attracting young enrollees

Cover Oregon not attracting young enrollees

Only 18% of the online health insurance exchange members fall between the ages of 18-34.

The Oregon number, which ties with West Virginia as the nation's worst, falls well below the national average of 25 percent. The national goal was about 40 percent. Exchange officials and insurers had expected a higher portion of enrollees would be young, and premiums were set accordingly. 



0 #1 Making the News Again but not Good NewsGuest 2014-03-12 19:28:17
Oregon's Cover Oregon has been a national example of how NOT to establish a web based health plan. It was apparent early on that there was nothing but breaded air attached to the cartoonish ads and commercials. Millions that could have been spent on healthcare instead went to bureaucrats and incompetent web designers.

But just like magic, it's no one's fault! No one has been fired, no one called to account for the millions spent.

Governor Kitz who is a doctor and an expert in healthcare issues is MIA.

Oregonians, if you re-elect this group of incompetent and corrupt pols, expect more of the same.
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