Feds file case against longshoremen

Feds file case against longshoremen

The National Labor Relations Board accused ILWU Local 4 members of assaulting United Grain Corp. security officers.

After investigating charges filed by the company, Hooks alleged longshore picketers shone spotlights into vehicles entering and exiting United Grain’s terminal, blocking drivers’ vision and causing permanent eye injury to a security officer. Hooks alleged locked-out workers recklessly pursued company vans, threatened to harm Columbia River pilots and pinned a security officer’s leg under a moving vehicle.

Hooks alleged that Local 4 members “threatened to rape the daughter of one of the employer’s managers,” and implied threats to harm a manager’s children by telling him they would “see his children at school” and asking, “are (his) children okay today?”

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+1 #1 Governance LeadGuest 2014-03-10 12:12:59
I guess crime prompted by greed or fear of losing control, isn't restricted to the non-union white collar, business professionals, and Wall Street types after all...
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