Cover Oregon now ready for insurance agents

Cover Oregon now ready for insurance agents

The health insurance exchange allows insurance agents and community organizations to enroll people in "less complex situations."

With the help of an agent or community group, most people should be able to fill out an application, determine whether they are eligible for financial assistance, choose a plan and enroll, said Michael Cox, a spokesman for Cover Oregon. People with more complex applications will have to return to the website after the Cover Oregon staff process a portion of it, he said.

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+1 #1 Isn't that Special?Guest 2014-02-19 18:39:04
Gee after millions and millions and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted if not fraudulently paid for non-existent websites, agents can now assist clients who don't have complex insurance needs.

Isn't that just special?

Will anything be done about the waste of taxpayer dollars? The inept bureaucrats and legislators who allowed this debacle to take place?

How much HEALTHCARE could have been provided through low income and charitably funded clinics with those millions wasted?

Will anyone remember this in November? This is what the big government party gets you...nothing.
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