Oregon-only CRC project clears committee

Oregon-only CRC project clears committee

The Oregon House Transportation and Economic Development Committee passed a measure supporting a new bridge across the Columbia River.

The vote was down party lines, with Democrats supporting the $2.9 billion project and Republicans, including Rep. Cliff Bentz of Ontario, opposing it. Bentz had said during the 2012 Oregon Business Summit that he’d support the project.

Oregon, according to the Associated Press, would assume about $450 million in debt on the project, which would get about a third of its funding from the federal government and the rest from tolls.

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0 #1 AmazedGuest 2014-02-14 21:13:14
I am glad that there are some elected officials with the foresight to see that a new bridge just isn't an option. It will never be cheaper.

Portland has Tom McCall Park because foresight. This nation has national parks and nature reserves for the same reason. If this project dies, history will show what an opportunity was lost.
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