Governor pushes low-carbon fuel mandate forward

Governor pushes low-carbon fuel mandate forward

 Gov. John Kitzhaber seeks stricter fuel requirements after legislation stalls.

Oregon’s low-carbon fuel standard aims to reduce the amount of carbon emissions associated with extracting, refining, transporting and burning the fuels used for vehicle transportation.

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-1 #1 Kitzhaber and Low CarbonGuest 2014-02-14 19:55:18
Kitzhaber, is proving to be as incompetent and as large idealog as B.Obama. These people have NO concept of cost to the people of their unsubstantiated claims of carbon / climate change drivel.

On a second front, who do you think is going to get to pay for the $135 Mil. Oregon has spent on a non working health care system? Hint go look in a mirror for the answer.
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