Cover Oregon midpack in signups

Cover Oregon midpack in signups

The state's health insurance exchange ranks seventh among the 15 states in the nation that built their own health care exchanges.

An analysis of new federal government figures by The Associated Press shows that Oregon is seventh when it comes to enrollments in private coverage as a percentage of states’ populations. Thirteen other states and the District of Columbia have their own exchanges.

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+3 #1 This is Success?Guest 2014-02-13 18:50:08
The article is a litany of bad news couched in a rather vague headline. Not only are the sign ups a fraction of expected but most of the total enrolling through Cover Oregon are enrolling in Medicaid through an alternative portal.

No mention of the MILLIONS wasted on the non-function website, the possible fraudulent action of those in charge, and the complete ineptness of the entire effort that has made Oregon the laughingstock of the country.

Nothing like turning on the news and watching as the anchors chortle about the latest Cover Oregon disaster.

I hope you voters how elected the group responsible for this waste will think a little harder next time. Let's get someone who has some executive experience outside of politics.
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